February 25 - March 3, 2021

Thank you to our GMiS College Bowl Competition Sponsors

Team Sponsors:

College Bowl 21 Winners:

First Place:

Team One

Second Place:

Team Perseverance

Third Place:

Team Alpha

The Virtual College Bowl is comprised of 4 competitions. Each team submits a video to be judged during these competitions.
All these videos are the final product of the team’s hard work.

  • What is the College Bowl?

    Welcome to the GMiS College Bowl – a fun, interactive event designed to showcase students’ creativity, motivation and team building talents! Launched in 2000, the GMiS College Bowl provides key professional and leadership development training while creating a competitive forum through various rounds of competitions.


    To get the most out of your College Bowl experience, there are 3 required hours over the course of the week. Additional hours may be necessary depending on the schedule set by the team or if the participant wishes to compete in the optional independent work time or extra events.

    Hours are laid out as follows over the week:

    • Team Activity Work Time (discretionary) - Time is dependent on your team
    • GMiS suggests at least one hour each day (Th, F, M, T)
    • Awards Show (required) - 1 hour Independent Work Time (optional) - Time is dependent on you
    • Brazen Networking Finale (optional) - 2 hours max


    Teams are comprised of students enrolled in universities from across the country and are coached by government and industry STEM professionals. Through each of the multiple rounds of the College Bowl competitions, the students and industry representatives develop a sense of trust and familiarity, which provide an excellent basis for fostering creativity, team spirit, and leadership. In addition, students must demonstrate agility, communication assertiveness, innovation by design and other workforce attributes that may not be easily showcased in a resume. Due to the virtual nature of this years competition, a new Individual Student Category has been added to further showcase the exceptional talents of students.

    Be a part of the first-ever virtual College Bowl and register today to participate!

Virtual College Bowl Platforms

Be part of the College Bowl kick-off celebration and meet student and sponsor participants from across the country! Join us recognizing NASA and the team sponsors. Students will learn team assignments for Rounds 1 and 2 of the competitions. Round 1 Competition assignment will be announced during the Pep Rally. The Individual Student Category activities will also be unveiled. This event is a required attendance for the College Bowl and will be hosted on the Shindig platform.
It’s the half-way mark for the College Bowl, and the excitement continues! We will cheer and celebrate as scores from Round 1 competition and the Individual Student category will be posted! We will also announce the team rosters for Rounds 3 and 4, where students will find themselves on new teams with different sponsors! Round 3 Competition will be announced at the during the Pep Rally. This event is a required attendance for the College Bowl and will be hosted on the Shindig platform.
GMiS will offer the College Bowl students the exclusive opportunity to interact with representatives from the participating team sponsors. Using the Brazen platform, team sponsors will host virtual booths and engage in text or video chats with participants interested in learning about internship or full-time employment opportunities. NOTE: This is not a recruiting fair or interview fair. All team sponsors will be provided the resumes of the College Bowl participants prior to this session.

The Individual Competition category is designed with students in mind, by focusing on showcasing their great talents, creativity and skills. A student will be able to accumulate points for this category by completing individual tasks and submitting the work products through the College Bowl portal.

The total tabulated points for a student participating in the Individual Competition will consist of a) for each of the four rounds, the points earned by the team the student participated in, plus b) the number of points a student earns resulting from completing the activities in the Individual Competition. A student who helps his/her team be successful and also completes the individual tasks will be successful in this category. Prizes will be presented to the top students in the Individual Student Competition!

It’s the grand finale to an exciting week as the College Bowl comes to its conclusion! Join the entire College Bowl community to celebrate the great accomplishments and fun entries from throughout the week. Let’s celebrate the 1st, 2nd and 3rd winning teams and the Individual Student winners of College Bowl 21! The Awards Show will be presented on the Shindig platform.